Zefsa II

Download Source Code for Zefsa II

Source Codes

Download zefsaII.tar.gz (1.63 Mb, last updated 7 March 2013).  Gzipped tarred sources.
Download examples.tar.gz (669 Kb, last updated 6 October 2000).  Examples of solved structures.

Hardware requirements

>ZEFSA II is written in ANSI C, and should run on most computers with about 5-10 Mb of available RAM.  Disk requirements are dependent upon the amount of output that one wants. It can be from a few to a few hundreds Mb, depending upon the parameters.

Software requirements

ANSI C compiler: such as gcc.
FORTRAN 77 compiler: such as f77.
make: to build the executables.

Not required but helpful

 Gnuplot, xmgr, or grace: 2-D plotting programs, convenient for displaying program output.
 Geomview: a 3D viewer, convenient for viewing ZEFSA II oogl output. Requires Xwindows.

Tested Platforms

ZEFSA II was tested on

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